Alyssa Harris offers Voice Lessons, Coaching, Consulting and Resources for Singers through her company Dynamic Voices Singing Studio.

Alyssa is a focused and diligent vocal professional wanting to serve others who are on the same path. She exemplifies a devoted instructor who is ready to utilize her knowledge and experience to help her clients thrive in the capacities they desire to. I'm confident and where I see her business going supported by her drive caring nature and curiosity of all things related to music and performance”

— Justin Stoney, CEO at New York Vocal Coaching

I provide a comfortable space for singers of all backgrounds, ages, and styles to free their voices and reach their goals.

"I am passionate about sharing knowledge and the joys of singing with other individuals who are eager to learn. As a certified vocal coach, I can assess the students' individual needs and set them up for success."

Ready to learn singing in a laid-back, low-pressure environment? Singing should be fun! Never too serious or nerve-wracking.

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I love training with Alyssa. I've been taking lessons with her for only one month, and I have already grown so much. In the short time I have been training with her my vocal range has extended, I have better breath support, and I have much more confidence in my voice and in myself as a performer. She empowers you to rely on your training and trust your voice.”

— Tiffany E.,Vocal Student

Alyssa Harris is a true gem! her passion for teaching and performing is palpable. Backed up by years of experience in her craft, she will give you the tools to take your singing to the next level! She exudes so much enthusiasm, care, patience & encouragement with her students. You will always leave your lessons with a big smile on your face!”

— Nathan S., Vocal Student

Alyssa is such a sweet person. She made me feel comfortable and made me feel like there is a chance for me to get my voice where I want it to be. I would recommend her to anyone who loves music and loves to have fun with music.”

— Crystal W., Vocal Student


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